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Let me show you what I mean

Here at Northenden Chess Club we like to support each other. We share ideas on openings, traps, combinations, puzzles, endgames etc. and we all seem to end up crowding round a normal chess board, jostling to get a good view.

Liam was not that happy about this and I said "OK, we can price up a display board and stand for next year and see if we can afford it", and I thought that was that.

Then, last Monday, Liam walks in to the club as normal but with a couple of big plastic bags and starts to set something up on the stage, Everyone sopped playing their games and turned to see what was happening.

It became clear. Liam had got hold of a display board and stand for the Club. He set it up with all the pieces on their home squares and people went over to admire it and thank Liam and ask him where he had acquired it and how much it had cost, because these things do not come cheap.

Liam said with a smile that he had made it himself! We had a good look and yes! The pieces you could see were hand made and the board and stand had a solid, craft feel about them. We were and are absolutely delighted!!! We were speechless for a bit and then everyone thanked Liam, and now I thank him again.

Thanks to Liam we have our very own display board and stand, It took hard work and rime. It is bespoke, It is for Northenden Chess Club. It is a gift to us all form one of the most valued members of the Club who is also Captain of our team in Manchester E division and organiser of our in-house rapid tournament in memory of our founder Bert Thomas.

Thanks from all of us Liam Lougheed, You are a star!

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